38 Antonio Avenue

Schulz family home, 1910-2001

One of the earliest pictures of our family home.  This was definitely taken before 1917, because there are no spruces in the yard.

Here is the house in 1926.  The Spruces were planted in honor of the birth of Carl and Earle Schulz, in 1917.  The house has been shingled.

Here is the house in 1944.  Ruth and Carl were visiting from North Carolina on furlough.  The spruces are over the roof of the house and barberry bushes have been planted.

Here is the east side of the house in 1954.  This blue spruce eventually grew four separate tops.  Branches on the left are the apple tree that blew over in Hurricane Carol (1955).

This was taken in 1969.  Large tree in the back is a catalpa.

This 1975 shot shows exactly how tall the spruces had grown.  The blue spruce is gone, brought down by an ice storm.  The small tree in the side yard is a silver maple.  The car belongs to a neighbor.

Here is a 1993 picture of the west side of the house.  Home had recently been painted.

The house had a lovely backyard and its side yard was a buildable lot until we sold a piece of it in 2001 to the Allens at 34 Antonio.