Family pictures

Muskiewicz and Schulz families

Suzon Schulz, Charlotte Schulz, and Marion Schulz Muskiewicz.  July 1999.

Marion and Jack Muskiewicz, August 1999.  Kris and Steve Muskiewicz, December 1999.

Ruth Schulz, age 77, Kris Muskiewicz, age 22, Marion S. Muskiewicz, age 55 and Charlotte Schulz age 44 at our "Double Digit Days" celebration in 1999.


Suzon Schulz and Vernon Adams in Prineville OR. Summer, 2001.

Eloped and married, December 31, 2003 at Crook County Courthouse, Prineville.

Suzon and Vernon, married a month.  January 31, 2004.

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