Jack Paul Muskiewicz, 1946-2003

Remembering Jack

   Here are a number of pictures of Jack.  Our family selected these to help us remember his life.  They show many facets of his life and loves.

Jack was certainly an adorable baby!  But nobody ever said he was perfect!

First Communion.   Bob and Jack--It's Jack on right because he ALWAYS wore a Detroit Tigers cap.

Wedding day, August 23, 1969.

Jack as the "Pot Fairy" cleaning up the kitchen 1985.  Jack and Bob reunited in 1986 in NH. 


The Grand Poohbah on his throne (I mean raft)!   The Muskiewicz crew at HCC summer outing, 1990.

Jack and Marion on Ogunquit Beach, 1992.    Jack won a trip for 2 to England, 1987.

Jack on a cruise--Panama, 1999.      Lawnmower man on his precious John Deere, 1995.

Jack at Disney's Animal Kingdom, 2000.   Which one is Goofy?  DisneyWorld, 2000.

The Muskiewicz kids: Chris, Peg, Sue, Jack, Cindy and Bob, 1998.

Jack Paul Muskiewicz was born on April 22, 1946, in East Grand Rapids, MI.  He attended St. Isidore's parochial school and then Catholic Central High School, graduating 3rd in his class in 1964.  He went to Grand Rapids Community College and then attended the University of Michigan, receiving his B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1969.  He married Marion Ruth Schulz on August 23, 1969, and they lived outside Chicago IL until 1973, when they moved to New Hampshire, settling permanently in Hudson.. Jack and Marion had two children, Stephen (1973) and Kristina (1977). Jack was a process engineer for Hampshire Chemical Company, then division of W.R. Grace and later passing through several ownerships until Dow Chemical bought it.  He rose over the years to become Head of the Process Engineering Department, before retiring in November 2001, due to increasing problems with what was diagnosed as Parkinson's Disease.  In February of 2003, he was diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, and he passed away on April 9, 2003.  On autopsy, it was shown that he actually had Multiple System Atrophy, which is so closely related to PSP that it is almost impossible to diagnose clinically.  PSP and MSA are sometimes grouped together and called "Parkinson's Plus".


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