Muskiewicz Pets


Our familiy has always been cat lovers, with multiple cats around the house.  We've never had more than 5 at once, and as of now, I have 2 cats who live with me, 1 cat who has moved over to live with my neighbor, and an occasional visiting cat, Nightingale, my sister's cat, who protests mightily during any trip but enjoys being at my house! 

Snoopy, 8, named herself 5 minutes after arriving at our house.  She was into everything immediately and still is. She is a lap cat and a talker, most of the time, her cat language is not nice--she "lectures" me incessantly. Her nickname is Nup or Nuper.  She is a tuxedo kitty and quite petite, never getting over 7.5 pounds.  She ranges far and wide all summer long.  Her favorite spots in the house are the back bathroom floor and the couch in the sunroom.  She sleeps with humans but is a bit hoggish about how much of the bed she gets, especially in the single-bedded guest room.  

Cecelia, 4, is my newest cat, adopted from the Salem Animal Rescue League in September of 2006.  She is a tortie, short haired and was supposed to be an indoor cat. But she had other ideas about that, and after her third escape, I threw in the towel and let her become an outdoor kitty.  She and Snoopy seem to have an "armed truce" but they both sleep on my bed in the winter when the electric blanket is on!  Cecelia and Snoopy are exactly the same size, two petite kitties.


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Ludwig and Snoopy in our sunroom, age 2.

Ludwig von Beethoven (called Ludwiggie, or Lud)  (RIP, 2006) was an orange and white short haired VERY soft kitty.  He was also not the brainiest cat in the world.  He was nursed carefully through a broken jaw in February 2006, only to run in front of a car in September of 2006.


Daffy [RIP, January 2006].  Daffy was Grandma Schulz's cat, and moved over to live with Steve in 2000, finally coming to live with Marion in 2004.  Long haired and silky, she was also extremely shy, spending a lot of time "invisible" as a "lump in the bed", for example.  She would appear and climb on my lap only when I was working on the computer.  

Other cats in our extended family: 

DooFur is 11, a long haired gray and white anti-social cat.  DooFur wants to be petted on his OWN terms only, which means not very much.  DooFur was very fond of Jack and never cared much for Marion.  When Jack died, DooFur moved next door and got so very fond of Edd that Marion finally ceded ownership in December 2004.  Doofur visits occasionally but lives the life of Riley at Edd's house.  Edd once rescued DooFur when he got caught outside in a 23 inch snowfall, as he was so snowed in he couldn't move. He had to be put into a shower to have the ice removed from his fur! 

DooFur.  He doesn't like to pose but he didn't know I have a Zoom lens!



Kris's cats.  Holmes, left, (RIP 2006).  Watson, right.  Kris now has adopted Darwin, a totally black cat but I don't have a picture of him.  Holmes was put to sleep in 2006 after he developed cancer.

Nightingale, Charli's cat, who thinks she is invisible when sitting on my couch behind the spider plants. She is also quite vocal about car rides.

 Abbey and Pinkie, Suzon's cats, RIP 2005.

Past cats of the Muskiewicz family:

Katinski, (Ski). Lived to 15.  Tortie.

Orfinski (Orfi) Lived to 15. Tortie.

Mittens, Was 3 when hit by a car. Gray and White.

Whiskers Disappeared in a sudden October snowstorm, age 7 months. Multicolored.

Dummkopf Was about 4 when hit by a car. Pure black.

Smuttie Was about 4 when hit by a school bus. Long haired brown/black.

Calico (Caleekovision) Was 9 when hit by a car. Calico.

Gorp Lived to 14. Long haired, black and white. Short on brains, long on love.

Azmie Disappeared at age 8. Long haired white and gray.

RJ (Rudge) lived to 16.Gray.

Siggy  Lived to be 14.  Originally Kris's cat, moved over to live with Steve in 2000. Tuxedo.

Waldorf (Wally) Had enlarged heart, died at 3. Orange and White.

Scooter. Was 6 months old when hit by a car. Gray and white.

Dorfus Adopted with DooFur but she would not eat and died in a week. Tuxedo.

Dizzy Originally Grandma Schulz's cat, came to live with us in 2000.  Put down after developing cancer at age 9. Tuxedo.

Daffy.  Originally Grandma Schulz's cat, she moved to live with Steve in 2000, then to Marion's house in 2004. Put down in January 2006, apparently had cancer.  Black, long hair.

Ludwig. Orange and white, was hit by a car at age 9.


Marion Muskiewicz