Suzon Schulz, Artist

For Suzon's oil paintings, go here.

A collection of computer generated sketches, November 2001-  Suzon Schulz

Abbey. January 2002.

I Step Out Onto Solstice Snow  December 23, 2001

Pinkie. December 16, 2001.

"Reflections in a Foggy Window". Done December 8, 2001.

"Reflections at the Computer". Done December 6, 2001.

 "The Snow She Melts" Done November 25, 2001

  "First Snow"  Done November 24, 2001.

"Lounging2"  Done earlier in November 2001.  

Reader of the Kalahari. November 2001.

Kalahari Reader.  With an interesting anatomy? November 2001.

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