Steve Muskiewicz

Welcome to my page!  I am a software engineer with 15+ years experience in Linux, Perl, Apache and many other open source technologies.

I have been using Linux in one form or another back to the days of kernel version 0.99 and downloading Slackware onto 3.5″ floppies in the computer lab at college (since we had no Internet connection in the dorms yet)!

I have worked in a variety of roles, including UNIX system administration, EDA Tools installation and support, webmaster, MySQL database administrator, Perl programmer.  I am an open source enthusiast and particularly enjoy learning  new tools, technologies, and programming languages and figuring out how to put them to practical use.

I am also the SysAdmin and webmaster for this website, and the one who takes all the “how do I…?” computer and Internet related calls from my relatives!


  • You can reach me directly smuskiew {at} gmail [dot] com.
  • For more professional and career details, please see my LinkedIn page.